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My Projects

Since entering my education at The Los Angeles Film School, I've learned various tools and skills that help push my career further ahead. Within the area of Sound for Post Production I have had the liberty to edit some pre-made videos and make them my own with sound effects. I covered the basis from editing Dialogue to mixing and blending together music backgrounds and other elements of the sound department requirements.

SFX Project

The idea of this project was to create appropriate sound effects that would make a montage for a logo brand opening to a film.

Ghost in The Shell

All the sound effects from walls backgrounds to gunshots. Blending in sound effects that were either recorded or obtained from a sound library. Stereo Version of the final mix to this trailer episode of Ghost in The Shell.

40 & Single

The whole Team summed into one. From recording foley, searching for music and editing dialogue, this project entailed having to do the aforementioned. Utilizing RX8 or RX9 to clean up any bleed or distorted dialogue. 

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